Why Should I Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney

  • By:Hoosier Bankruptcy

Hiring an attorney that is familiar with the bankruptcy processes can be beneficial in
providing professional guidance while making decisions to restore your financial independence.
An experienced bankruptcy attorney will review/plan your case and assist you in making
decisions that result in the most advantageous outcome. Legal representation could ultimately
save you money, reveal potential issues that may otherwise be overlooked and provide you
with the best opportunity for a fresh start.

Those who choose to proceed without legal counsel must keep in mind that not only must
they accurately prepare the necessary petition, schedules and possibly a plan, but that an
appearance before the United States Bankruptcy Trustee is required after the case has been
filed. That meeting, commonly known as the “meeting of creditors” or “341 Meeting”, involves
a thorough review of the petition, schedules and, if the case is a Chapter 13, the plan. Gaining
the approval of the US Bankruptcy Trustee is key to a successful bankruptcy. If the Trustee
does not consent the case is then normally scheduled for hearing before the US Bankruptcy
Court on a later date. Experienced bankruptcy counsel can negotiate and work to gain approval
by the US Trustee without the intervention of the US Bankruptcy Court.

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