Who Is Notified When I File For Bankruptcy?

  • By:Hoosier Bankruptcy

Notice of your bankruptcy filing will go to assorted people, businesses and organizations
known as your creditors.

You will be asked to provide a list of all your creditors when filing for bankruptcy. We suggest
a three agency credit search be made as well to help ensure all of your creditors are identified.
The list should include your secured and unsecured debts as well as those which are defined as
“priority” debts*. The listed creditors will receive a “Notice of Bankruptcy Case” after filing
which notifies them of your status under the bankruptcy code. When the creditors receive this
notice, they are warned against taking any action in furtherance of collecting their debt outside
of the prescribed bankruptcy process. This notice should effectively put a stop to harassing
phone calls, lawsuits, and garnishments.

* Examples of “priority” debts include student loans, child/spousal support, and unpaid taxes.
These debts must be carefully examined to determine which may be discharged.

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