During the initial meetings, you will hear us speak of the 341 Meeting or Meeting of Creditors. This will be face-to-face between you and the Bankruptcy Trustee or their staff attorney. It is possible that some of your creditors will attend the 341 Meeting as well. The 341 meeting will normally take place 3-4 weeks […]

Reality TV star Abby Lee Miller of Dance Mom’s fame has been sentenced to Federal Prison for bankruptcy fraud for hiding and otherwise failing to disclose funds held in secret accounts.  Routinely during the process of interviewing clients and through the process of preparing the petition and schedules we encourage clients to provide us with […]

Generally speaking the employment of a Debt Settlement Company is risky business. Commonly a Debt Settlement Company (DSC) will require debtors to make significant payments before they take action to settle the debts. DSC’s will normally withhold the regular monthly payment to your creditors (even though you are making a monthly payment to them) causing […]