About 3 million people are currently delinquent in their mortgage payments – this is an all-time record since the Great Recession! About 2 million of these people are in some type of forbearance program which was offered in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. As people exit these forbearance programs many will be unable […]

The outcome of not including legal claims and lawsuits in your bankruptcy ‘schedules’ can be devastating. Failing to disclose claims or lawsuits in your bankruptcy filing is dishonest and could allow the court to discharge your case and even to pursue criminal charges. Additionally, not disclosing this information may result in dismissal of your claim […]

Have you heard the commercial which tells you that you have the right to settle your credit card debt for a small percentage of what is owed? Can that be true? Certainly, you have the right to settle the debt, but the creditors likewise have the right to demand full payment. It is a game […]

OUR OFFICE HAS RESUMED NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS    As our community copes with the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus, we hope you and your family are in good health. During the COVID-19 Pandemic and subject to Emergency Orders as issued by the Governor of Indiana, our office has continued to function as we have been designated […]


IMPORTANT UPDATE During the COVID-19 Pandemic and subject to Emergency Orders as issued by the Governor of Indiana, our office will continue to function as we have been designated as an “essential service”. In order to protect our clients, staff and community we will, however, be operating remotely. With today’s technology, most of our day […]

The COVID -19 pandemic has caused many previously unforeseen changes to our daily lives and the laws and regulations which govern them. Here are a few notable issues which may impact our clients: BANKRUPTCY The CARE Act will exclude stimulus checks and other payments from being considered as income for MEANS testing or calculation of […]

For individuals, the most common bankruptcy options are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Determining which one to file under depends on several factors.  Your attorney will review your income, expenses, property/assets, type and amount of debt, and whether you have a previous bankruptcy discharge when recommending the best option for you. CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY In […]

Notice of your bankruptcy filing will go to assorted people, businesses and organizations known as your creditors. You will be asked to provide a list of all your creditors when filing for bankruptcy. We suggest a three agency credit search be made as well to help ensure all of your creditors are identified. The list […]

Hiring an attorney that is familiar with the bankruptcy processes can be beneficial in providing professional guidance while making decisions to restore your financial independence. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will review/plan your case and assist you in making decisions that result in the most advantageous outcome. Legal representation could ultimately save you money, reveal potential […]

We have all heard the commercials – usually for larger consumer purchases such as cars, furniture or electronics –  offering zero-interest financing for a stated period of time. Great deal, right? Well, maybe not. Astute businesses do not loan money for free; there is always a cost. In these instances, it is quite likely that […]