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John LaRue and Corinne Erwin serve as legal counsel to individuals and businesses throughout central Indiana. We have over 40 years of experience successfully guiding clients through difficult times. Our passion is helping turn around the lives and fortunes of clients who feel as though their back is against the wall. When it feels like no one is on your side, we will be.

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John LaRue and Corinne Erwin are each admitted and practice law in the Northern and Southern District Federal Bankruptcy Courts in Indiana and collectively have filed thousands of bankruptcy cases. Aside from earning their respective law degrees and being admitted to practice in Indiana, each is a graduate of the Advanced Bankruptcy Bootcamp of renowned bankruptcy attorney O. Max Gardner. This program provides unique training not only in bankruptcy practice, but also prosecution of abusive and unlawful practices of creditors and collection agencies. We have successfully prosecuted such cases and returned thousands of dollars in awards to our clients. When you need protection from aggressive bill collectors, the Internal Revenue Service, mortgage foreclosure, repossessions, or wage garnishment we can help.

Lady Justice
John LaRue - Attorney (Bankruptcy)


John LaRue

Practice Areas: Bankruptcy and Debtor’s Rights

John has been in private practice since graduating from the Indiana University School of Law in 1988. He has served as Judge Pro Tem presiding over cases in numerous courts. He has practiced before State and Federal Courts throughout Indiana and also holds a license to practice law in North Carolina. John has served as legal counsel to thousands of clients during his years of practice.

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Corrine Erwin - Attorney


Corinne R. Erwin

Practice Areas: Bankruptcy and Debtor’s Rights

Corinne has been in private practice after graduating in 2009 from Hamline University School of Law and is licensed in both the Northern and Southern District Federal Bankruptcy Courts in Indiana. She has served as facilitator in hundreds of mortgage foreclosure cases working to save the homes of hard working individuals and families. Corinne is routinely called upon by numerous courts to preside as Judge Pro Tem in special cases.

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Kimberly Gilbert

Practice Areas: Bankruptcy and Debtor’s Rights

Private Practice of Law

Kimberly manages, supervises and provides legal representation for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 and other general practice matters in a small law firm. Provides human resources and financial supervision and maintenance of firm books and records. Since 2002, files all pleadings with the Court electronically using the Court’s CM/ECF system and utilizes Best Case petition preparation and case management software.

Chapter 7 Panel Bankruptcy Trustee

She also serves as fiduciary in appointed, quasi-judicial position which conducts examinations of debtors under oath and administers nearly 600-800 cases assigned per year on average. Administration consists of: collecting and reducing to money property of the estate (through litigation where necessary), being accountable for all property received, investigating the financial affairs of the debtors, opposing the discharge of the debtors if advisable, and making a final report and accounting to the U. S. Trustee’s office and Court upon final administration of each bankruptcy estate. Appointment as Trustee is renewable each year upon yearly review and is subject to periodic audit and routine federal background check. Since 2002, files all pleadings with the Court electronically using the Court’s electronic filing (CM/ECF) system and utilizes BMS (Bankruptcy Management Solutions) case management software.

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